how to learn music

Department Heads


Godwin Piscopo

Founder and Director

Godwin has had a history as a professional drummer with over 35 years of expirence, sharing stage with many well known artists across the nation and for a period of over 20 years godwin has also regularly performed all over the

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Margery Sherman

Violin Teacher

Margery has taught the voilin, viola and music theory and has coached chamber ensembles for thirthy years to children and adults in all age groups and from many ethnic backgrounds. She has prepared children from ages 8-18 for their practical,

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Agnieszka Rypel-Polkas

Violin Teacher

Agnieszka has over 20 years of experience in Europe and Australia. She is specializing in preparing students for AMEB exams (from beginners to advanced) and also preparing for HSC and performances. Short Description:  Her classes focuses on Classical and Pop

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Neil Youel

Professional Guitarist

Field of Expertise: A professional guitarists with over 30 years of musical experience and knowledge. He is a tutor, professional musician, band member, and teacher. He also plays guitar in hotels, events, and clubs. He has professional recorded music album.

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Barbara Dixion

Piano Teacher

Barbara grew up in a serious musical family and followed family footsteps with piano lessons and community performing from a young age. She then progressed to learning organ and keyboards. She continued formal piano lessons for many years before pursuing

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Julie Ann Kay

Singing Teacher

Julie has been involved in the music industry in various facts for over 30 years. She completed examinations through the Australian Music Examinations Board in voice training and early childhood music earning certificates in each. Other certificates attained include Solfeggi Level 1

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Tony Shanahan

Piano Teacher

Tony has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years having played in Sydney, Wollongong, and Brisbane areas. He completed a B.A majoring in contemporary piano at Southern Cross University, Lismore in 1996, performed at Tauworth Country Music

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Nameer David

Accredited Drums Teacher

He is a professional drummer, teacher, and session musician. For over 30 years of drumming experience playing with small and big bands giging across USA, Canada, and Australia, in live performances such as. theaters, major venues, night clubs, five star hotels .etc. and has been heavily

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Colin Simone

Piano and Keyboard Teacher

He is an accredited piano teacher and a full-time member of Music Teachers Association. His expertise lies on piano and keyboard tuition catering for students’ need from diverse cultures and backgrounds. He specializes in preparing students for HSC performances, aural music training,

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