how to learn music

How do I enroll to Bankstown academy?

You’re welcome to contact our school head office and our staff will happily direct you with all the necessary information needed for enrolment. You’re also welcome to come to us for trial lessons if you wish to “try before you buy.”

What lessons on musical instruments are you providing?

We provide a large number of musical tuition programs for the most well-known instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Drums and Percussion, Violin, Vocals Techniques and Singing and Musical Theory.

What are the requirements needed for admission?

There are absolutely no requirements for students to enrol with our Academy. All our teachers are credited and are highly trained to deal with all the vast types of personalities and large array of styles that helps the student learn their own way. Working and teaching the best way for the student is at the top of our list. We teach the best way that works for the student. Age is no factor in this, from 5 years old to 95 years of age, all are welcome and the lessons custom taught for that particular student.

When you visit the school, all you need to do fill in the enrolment form and we take care of the rest.

What should be the age of a child upon admission?

We encourage students of all ages. We accept students as young as 5 years of age. But if you have a child under 5, then you’re welcome to bring them in for a trial lesson in which one of our teachers will assess the young student to see if he/she is able to adapt to the teacher’s 30 minute lesson theories and take it from that point.

Upon the finalisation of trial lessons, students, and parents if necessary, will be assessed by the teacher and will be given a run down and a future program plan for the next quarter term (as per regular school terms) so you’ll have a good idea to assess your interest in the instrument of your choice.

How long does a lesson take?

Our lessons run for 30 minutes unless a different time frame has been discussed with the teacher and our school secretary/manager.

Do you provide payment options/plans, or give refunds for missed lessons?

We require payment of 2 lessons in advance. Although we do not give refunds, if notice is not given for a lesson cancellation, we endeavour to make sure the student still gets the time and effort our teachers provide, and do “make-up” lessons so the money the student pays never goes to waste.

Can I observe a class before enrolling?

Parents, children or partners are welcome to observe the students lessons, but we kindly ask for them to not give their personal advice while our teachers are instructing their students.

How much is the tuition fee?

Our lessons are $30 per half hour, one teacher with the one student (not class lessons with multiple students). All our teachers are credited music teachers and competent musicians.

Do you offer sessions in fixed school year or semestral?

We work on the same rotation of Public Government School Terms. 4 Terms per year with 2 weeks break between terms except Christmas which is a 6 week break.

Do you offer special/make-up classes?

Yes. We offer special/make-up classes. You just need to coordinate with the faculty to make some arrangements. 

Do I need to buy musical instruments for my child?

We highly recommend the student brings their own instrument (this excludes Piano) as each student/musician adapts to their own instrument. Therefor learning and practicing go hand in hand. We are happy to offer an instrument for the student to use for their lesson, but our teachers give an amount of further preparation work which needs to be practiced during the week to be ready for the next weekly lesson.