how to learn music

Margery Sherman

Margery has taught the voilin, viola and music theory and has coached chamber ensembles for thirthy years to children and adults in all age groups and from many ethnic backgrounds. She has prepared children from ages 8-18 for their practical, aural and theory examinations in violin and viola. she has done this kind of teaching in group of 4 to 13 and on a 1-on-1 basis.

After graduating from Bard College, she lived in New York City for twelve years where she was a freelance violinist and a teacher of “Suzuki Talent Education” at St. Hilda and St. Hugh’s School on West 112th Street, Manhattan where she apprenticed herself to a pupil of Dr. Suzuki. She spent one year doing lecture demonstrations in Bergen County, NJ schools as part of a three-year program sponsored bu the Board of Education in New Jersey.

In 1972, Margery moved to Australia where she lived for thirty years. She started a family there, taught and performed music. She returned to USA to fulfill a family responsibility and have recently returned to Sydney where she is restarting a teaching practice.