how to learn music

Neil Youel

Field of Expertise:

A professional guitarists with over 30 years of musical experience and knowledge. He is a tutor, professional musician, band member, and teacher. He also plays guitar in hotels, events, and clubs. He has professional recorded music album. His studies cover Jazz, Funk, Latin, Fusion, Pop. Rock and RnB.

Teaching Assignment:

He is teaching in all fields from beginners to advanced with all regions of contemporary and recent guitar methods, techniques, rhythms, and note reading. He also provides originality and inspiration. He also helps students on preparation for HCS, exams, and also tutoring.

Short Description:

Learning 1st hand from a professional guitarist, also learning from alternative guitar lessons books give students an insight and different perspectives to learn different aspects and methods of guitar. Learning in a quiet and welcoming environment so that students for comfortable to deliver a productive and enjoyable lesson with inspiring musical experience.